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True pure bred Ameraucanas lay blue eggs, are bearded and muffed, breed true, have slate colored legs and bay colored eyes.  We strive to breed according to the APA standard.  Self Blue (Lavender) and black Ameraucanas are the only breed we keep at the farm so we can focus our efforts on these exclusively.  We are currently working with a line of Self Blue Ameraucanas from Paul Smith's show quality stock.  We wanted to further improve feather quality so we are using a show quality black rooster from Sharon York's show quality stock.  We have been very pleased with the progress of our breeding program.  Ameraucanas are great foragers and the hens often go broody in the early summer.  The hens make great mothers and do well rearing their young.  They do fine ranging around with other juvenile birds in a netted yard of our farm.  This is a great breed for a self sustaining flock of chickens!

It's exciting to have blue eggs in our egg basket.  It's just fun and adds joy to daily life!  We hope everyone enjoys these birds as much as we do.

Self Blue Ameraucana

 The correct name for the Lavender Ameraucana is self-blue, but I prefer the name Lavender.  We finally have these available on the farm. I chose the most docile and non-aggressive rooster to breed with our best hens. 

Self Blue Ameraucana Chicks Available Soon

Self blue Lavender Ameraucana in Tulsa area available soon!  The yellow chicks on are logo are a stock photo and not the variety we sell.  The adult Self Blue chickens pictured are our breeding stock.  We plan on doing 4 hatches for black or self blue Lavender Ameraucana in Broken Arrow this spring and are currently taking orders.  We are the only breeders of self blue in Tulsa area. Self Blue or black chicks will be $12 each, minimum order of 3 local pick up only this spring.  Buy 10 and get 2 free.  We will not be shipping chicks or hatching eggs this season.  Contact us to arrange payment and get your name on the list. Last season we sold out before mid May.  An order is not accepted until payment is received.    


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